" a voluntary collaborative promoting distributed  generation in Wisconsin "

Mission Statement

The Wisconsin Distributed Resources Collaborative, Inc. (WIDRC) is a voluntary collaborative committed to facilitating and promoting the successful deployment of economic, efficient and environmentally responsible distributed resources in Wisconsin.

Meetings & Notices . . .

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  • 2020 WIDRC Meetings will be held on the following Fridays, with meeting locations to be announced:
      January 17    April 17     July 24      October 16

         Please send in your 2020 WIDRC Membership Form and dues.

        The first meeting of 2020 for the Wisconsin Distributed Resources Collaborative (WIDRC) will be held on January 17 from 9:30 am to 1:00 pm at WPPI Energy, 1425 Corporate Center Dr, Sun Prairie, WI.
        arrow Meeting agenda for January 17, 2020

        arrow October 2019 Presentation:     Larry Krom, WIDRC Vice Chair
            Interconnection of Energy Storage in Wisconsin
    A preliminary overview of standards, storage configurations, changing technologies and next steps for a consensus based guidance approach to the interconnection of energy storage on the electric distribution system

        arrow Electricity Storage Terms "Electricity Storage Related Glossary DRAFT" 

  • Presentations at WIDRC Meetings are intended to be informative and should not be interpreted as representing a consensus of the organization or opinions of its members.

    We thank all presenters for their time and effort. We try to provide pdf's of all presentations for the benefit of our members and guests.

  Interconnection     New

Please Note:    arrow  For forms and other information see Interconnection / Forms Page

New Wisconsin Distributed Generation INTERCONNECTION FORMS Available STARTING JANUARY 1, 2020

     WIDRC worked with stakeholders from 2017-2019 to update and streamline the distributed generation (DG) interconnection application forms in Wisconsin under Wis. Admin. Code ch. PSC 119.

     New, reorganized DG interconnection application forms are now available for your use beginning January 1, 2020. 

  The new forms should be used in place of the original application forms, known as forms 6027 and 6028. The new forms consist of one single base application form, and a series of technology specific attachments. WIDRC has also created a Change of Ownership form to aid in the efficient exchange of information when a distributed generation system changes ownership.  

Standard Interconnection Guidelines & Procedures in Wisconsin

              New              2020 REQUEST FOR APPLICATIONS
                              for Distributed Energy Resource Conference Sponsorships

Applications must be received no later than two months prior to your conference or event taking place. See details in application.


Distributed Generation Programs Provided by Wisconsin Utilities 

Shared Solar Program
A large solar array of 500kW was installed on the roof of the Middleton Municipal Operations Center. Electricity from this system, available to MGE customers through a unique program called Shared Solar sold out quickly.

MGE has an expansion to the program which will be a 5-MW array constructed at Morey Field in Middleton.

Xcel Energy Logo

Xcel Energy is developing and supporting solar projects in Wisconsin through its new Solar*Connect Community℠ program.  Solar gardens make solar energy a possibility for everyone – home owners, renters and businesses.

Xcel currently has 1-megawatt solar gardens in Eau Claire, greater La Crosse area (Cashton), with plans going forward for an additional project in Ashland.

arrow For more information and how to join the Solar*Connect Community℠.

New Richmond Utilities Logo

New Richmond has a Community Solar garden composed of 807 panels, each 315 watts in the
New Richmond Utilities solar garden. New Richmond customers can subscribe for a share of the project's solar production and in turn receive a credit on their monthly electric bill.
arrow For more information

River Falls Municipal Utilities Logo

River Falls Community Solar offers two options: purchased blocks of solar energy (from outside of the local community) or a local community solar garden. Customers can subscribe for a share of the solar production of a solar project and in turn receive a credit on their monthly electric bill.  arrow For more information 

General Reports of Note:

Utility Tariffs in Wisconsin

Utilities set out the rates, terms and conditions of service in Commission-reviewed filings referred to as tariffs. The tariffs are available in Portable Document Format (PDF).

Electric and Gas Tariffs in utility name order (Wisconsin Public Service Commission Listing)