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What we do

To foster market-based development of distributed resources (DR) in Wisconsin, WIDRC, through its collaborative work, addresses five main issues that represent current and potential barriers to DR market development in Wisconsin.

These five issues are -----------

  • Technical requirements
  • Commercial requirements and business practices
  • Siting
  • Applied research and development and associated data collection
  • Education and communication

About Wisconsin Distributed Resources Collaborative

Excert from NREL's Distributed Generation Interconnection Collaborative (DGIC) Insights

  • Origins
  • Topic Areas/Purpose
  • Relationship to Regulatory Proceedings
  • Composition
  • Process

      The group that was to become the Wisconsin Distributed Resources Collaborative (WIDRC) began meeting as early as 2000 with the goals of: 1) facilitating the successful deployment of economic, efficient, and environmentally responsible distributed resources (DR), and 2) promoting the common business interests of the DR industry. One of the group's first tasks was to make recommendations on updating Wisconsin's outdated distributed generation (DG) interconnection rules.

      In 2001, Wisconsin Act 16 required the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSCW) to form an advisory committee to develop new interconnection rules. Because WIDRC was already working on drafting guidelines for interconnection, most of these WIDRC members were appointed to PSCW's Distributed Generation Interconnection Advisory Committee. The administrative rules for interconnection—PSC 119—produced by the committee were approved by the PSCW and became effective in law on February 1, 2004. WIDRC was formally created following these interactions to provide a more open venue to discuss the development of a distributed resources market in Wisconsin.

     WIDRC was incorporated as a nonprofit organization in 2004. The group has taken on numerous topics over the years, from advanced renewable energy tariffs and distributed generator business models to anaerobic digesters and other CHP technologies.

      With each topic, WIDRC typically plays the roles of educator and facilitator, researching and disseminating information on a particular topic to group members and then providing a venue for subsequent conversation and discussion. Due to the changes in the energy landscape since PSC 119 was adopted in 2004, the group is currently working to identify improvements for the interconnection process. WIDRC held an interconnection forum in 2017 to bring together utilities and DG developers to discuss this particular subject.

     WIDRC is not focused on a particular topic within distributed generation, nor is it associated with a particular regulatory proceeding. Instead, the group acts in an advisory fashion in terms of policy and standards development. Although the PSCW is a member of WIDRC, it is a non-voting Advisory Member. This allows WIDRC to support DR technology growth while limiting potential conflicts ofinterest or influences from the political environment. Meanwhile, the PSCW can remain aware of stakeholder priorities and trends in the industry.

     WIDRC's members consist of Wisconsin's electric providers (including municipals and cooperatives), DR industry groups, installers/contractors/engineers, public interest groups, and Wisconsin's regulatory agencies. WIDRC members can be either a Supporting Member, with voting privileges, or an Advisory Member, without voting privileges. Supporting Members are required to pay annual dues ranging from $250 to $1,000 based on their organization's size; Advisory Members are not required to pay dues. The dues are used to support the group's operations.

     WIDRC is governed by a steering committee. The steering committee is made up of seven individuals, all of whom are required to be WI residents and Supporting Members of WIDRC. These individuals are elected by WIDRC's Supporting Members and serve a 2-year term. An executive committee is elected from among the steering committee members to manage WIDRC's operations.

     These members meet quarterly to continue dialogue about ongoing developments within the DR industry and to study various barriers. The group acts as a consensus organization that requires agreement from all supporting members before taking a public position. WIDRC initially had five working groups, seen in Table 2 below. These working groups investigated several issues related to their topic area including technical requirements, commercial requirements and business practices, siting, applied research and development and associated data collection, and education and communications. Information and findings from these working groups is disseminated through mediums such as white papers and presentations, and is publically available via WIDRC's website.

     These groups have recently been set aside to enable the entire group to focus on more general DR topics. In addition, WIDRC provides support to projects and conferences through donations and sponsorships.



   WIDRC makes annual limited donations to distributed energy resource related activities. Relevant activities include commercial distributed energy projects or studies, distributed energy events and conference sponsorships. The Wisconsin Distributed Resources Collaborative encourages projects that address a diversity of opinions on distributed generation.
arrow See description of donations made in years 2013-2016

Steering Committee

Name Entity
Eric Kostecki, Chair WPPI Energy
Larry Krom, Vice Chair L&S Technical Associates Inc.
Frank Greb, Treasurer Slipstream Inc.
Ken Walz, Secretary Madison College, formerly Madison Area Technical College
Dennis Derricks WPS/WEC Energy Group
Debra Erwin Xcel Energy
Nick Smith Alliant Energy


           symbol denotes founding members        symbol denotes Associate, nonvoting member



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