Applications and Projects

The images above show Alliant Energy's solar installation while it was under construction on the Rock River brownfield. The generation asset is owned by Hanwha and the power is purchased from them through a PPA. It is built on Alliant's old coal ash brownfield and Hanwha leases the land.

Wisconsin Utility Projects


The following is a link to an Alliant Energy website that was developed in collaboration with EPRI to share Alliant's Madison Solar Demonstration Project generation information and data. The website provides interactive live data from the demonstration project at Alliant's Madison, Wisconsin office.

We Energies Customer-owned renewable energy success stories. We Energies provided support for nearly 100 renewable energy projects in recent years. See summaries of the projects for the solar photovoltaic, solar hot water and wind renewable energy generation systems.

WPPI_solar Since 2006, WPPI Energy has invested $4.3 million in more than 55 community-based renewable energy projects that help demonstrate the benefits, operation and performance of wind, solar and biogas technologies. Schools and municipal buildings are often chosen for the projects to teach community members about renewable energy technologies. WPPI Energy grant funds have helped cover the cost of materials and installation for these systems, which include 51 solar photovoltaic installations, three wind turbines and one biogas project.

MGE Solar Projects

Badger Hollow and Two Creeks Solar Farms (MGE will own 50 MW. This phase of Badger Hollow is expected to be operational by the end of 2020.) Approved by PSC in April 2019.
Two Creeks Solar Farm (MGE's ownership share will be 50 MW of its 150-MW output. Two Creeks is expected to be operational by the end of 2020.)
Dane County Partnership (MGE also is partnering with Dane County to construct 9 MW of solar on County-owned land adjacent to Dane County Regional Airport.)

Shared Solar Program
A large solar array of 500kW that can supply about 250 homes was installed on the roof of the Middleton Municipal Operations Center. Electricity from this system is available to MGE customers through a unique program called Shared Solar.
-Posted May 2016 (sold out)

MGE's Shared Solar expansion will be a 5-MW array constructed at Morey Field in Middleton.



Five casebooks on biogas installations in Wisconsin, compiled by Joe Kramer

Distributed Resource Projects in Wisconsin

Richland Center Digester
12 kW PV near Racine
Driftless Extracts, Lone Rock
Inside Wind Turbine Tower, Cashton
Digester, Fond du Lac