The Collaborative

Mission Statement

"The Wisconsin Distributed Resources Collaborative, Inc. (WIDRC) is a voluntary collaborative committed to facilitating and promoting the successful deployment of economic, efficient and environmentally responsible distributed resources in Wisconsin.


To foster market-based development of distributed resources (DR) in Wisconsin, WIDRC, through its collaborative work, addresses five main issues that represent current and potential barriers to DR market development in Wisconsin.

  • - Technical requirements
  • - Commercial requirements and business practices
  • - Siting
  • - Applied research and development, associated data collection
  • - Education and communication

Donations 2023

WIDRC makes annual limited donations to distributed energy resource related activities. Relevant activities include distributed energy events and conference sponsorships. The Wisconsin Distributed Resources Collaborative encourages projects that address a diversity of opinions on distributed generation.

for Distributed Energy Resource Conference Sponsorships

Applications must be received no later
than two months prior to your conference or event taking place, but before November 1, 2023. See details in application.

Alliant Energy Rock River Solar
PPA with Alliant Energy, Rock River Solar project built on coal ash brownfield.


Meetings & Notices . . .

2023 WIDRC Meetings will be held on Fridays, with meeting locations to be announced:

The fourth WIDRC meeting in 2023 will held in person on October 13th from 9:30am - 1:00pm at at WPPI Energy, 1425 Corporate Center, Dr, Sun Prairie, WI.

For those that cannot attend in person, a virtual meeting link has been provided.

This is the annual meeting so there will be an election to fill three steering committee spots. Your organization must have paid its annual dues in order to vote.

arrow July 14 Meeting Tour at Madison College

Ken Walz, WIDRC Secretary
YouTube overview -- Madison College's new rooftop PV system, designed for both energy production and instruction of future solar energy professionals.

PSCW Update--Service Date June 6, 2023

In the Matter of Rulemaking to Update Wisconsin Administrative Code Chapter PSC 119 for Interconnecting Distributed Generation Facilities
PSC REF#:470156

For additional information, see the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin website: Docket 1-AC-256.


Presentations at WIDRC Meetings are intended to be informative and should not be interpreted as representing a consensus of the organization or opinions of its members.

We thank all presenters for their time and effort. We try to provide pdf's of all presentations for the benefit of our members and guests. A chronological listing of presentations given at WIDRC meetings is available.


DR and DG

We consider Distributed Resources (DR) to include distributed generation, energy storage and other power quality devices, conservation and demand-side management.

Distributed Generation (DG) are small generating facilities located at a customer or utility sites and may be stand alone or connected to the transmission and/or distribution system. These units are used for generating electricity alone or in combination with the use of waste heat.

Wisconsin §196.496 Distributed generation facilities. (1) DEFINITION.

In this section, “distributed generation facility” means a facility for the generation of electricity with a capacity of no more than 15 megawatts that is located near the point where the electricity will be used or is in a location that will support the functioning of the electric power distribution grid.