Addressing Barriers

The group that was to become the Wisconsin Distributed Resources Collaborative (WIDRC) began meeting as early as 2000. One of the group's first tasks was to make recommendations on updating Wisconsin's outdated distributed generation (DG) interconnection rules. WIDRC members were part of the PSCW's Distributed Generation Interconnection Advisory Committee. The administrative rules for interconnection—PSC 119—produced by the committee were approved by the PSCW and became effective in law on February 1, 2004.

Modernization of Interconnection

The distributed generation landscape changed since the rules for distributed generation (PSC 119) were adopted in 2004. Data has been collected on installations over the years that reflect a growing market and technical challenges. The time was right for a review of what’s working, what’s not, and what we could do to improve the process as the market continues to grow and evolve. WIDRC facilitated the process of working with stakeholders (including electric providers - utilities, distributed generation installers/contractors and generation owners) to obtain feedback via a survey and continued discussions.

Part of that proces was done by holding a Distributed Generation Interconnection Forum on March 23, 2017 in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Presentations and follow-up were addressing moderization of the interconnection application and process.

Interconnection Forum Presentations


History of Developing Wisconsin PSC 119 and the Interconnection Guidelines
"History of PSC 119",  Larry Krom,  V.P., WIDRC
Wisconsin DG Interconnection Practices Survey (Survey of WI Electric Utilities and Installer/Contractors - July 2016)
"WIDRC DG Interconnection Survey Results"  Deborah Erwin,  Manager, Regulatory Policy, Xcel Energy
Nuts and Bolts of Distributed Generation Interconnection
"MGE -WIDRC DG Training"  David Toso,  Senior Engineer, Madison Gas & Electric
How the DG landscape has changed over the years -- a look at the data
" WI DG Installation Data along with  National Solar Trends"  Corey Singeltary,  WI Public Service Commission &  Tyler Huebner,  Renew Wisconsin
Market and technical trends in DG
"Where Might We Be Headed? Signposts from Other States"  Emerson Reiter,  National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Updated Application Forms

New Wisconsin Distributed Generation INTERCONNECTION FORMS became available starting JANUARY 1, 2020

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The new forms can be used in place of the original application forms, known as forms 6027 and 6028. The new forms consist of one single base application form, and a series of technology specific attachments. WIDRC has also created a Change of Ownership form to aid in the efficient exchange of information when a distributed generation system changes ownership.



Energy Storage and PSC 119, A New Challenge

Interconnection of Storage, Background Efforts

See October 2019 Presentation:
 Larry Krom, WIDRC Vice Chair
    Interconnection of Energy Storage in Wisconsin

A preliminary overview of standards, storage configurations, changing technologies and next steps for a consensus based guidance approach to the interconnection of energy storage on the electric distribution system

Electricity Storage Terms

"Electricity Storage Related Glossary DRAFT"